Require help to build an application

Ayan Kumar Halder

Hi Users,

Greetings from a newbie. :)

I am trying to build an example using Zephyr <> for Arm-v8-R fixed virtual platform.

I am getting this error :-

ayankuma@xcbayankuma41x:/scratch/ayankuma/zephyr/zephyr$ west build -b xenvm samples/synchronization
usage: west [-h] [-z ZEPHYR_BASE] [-v] [-V] <command> ...
west: error: argument <command>: invalid choice: 'build' (choose from 'init', 'update', 'list', 'manifest', 'diff', 'status', 'forall', 'help', 'config', 'topdir', 'selfupdate')

Does anyone know what I am missing ?

Kind regards,


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