Re: Using the posix BSP

Rob Meades

Aha, that's it, thank you!


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Hi Rob,

I think you are referring to Zephyr's native_posix port, which we also call "Native port". It currently runs on Linux but Chris Friedt is working on porting it to macOS. You can find more information here:;;sdata=THJvIk%2FNFBtKO2IsgAopyG4YJ5cpEJomJuzTqNgx50Y%3D&amp;reserved=0


P.S.: Say hi to Adam!

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Stoopid question time again I'm afraid: I would like to run Zephyr
with Linux as host, so using the posix BSP. I can find information
about running a posix application on top of Zephyr but not the other way up.

Can anyone point me at an example or some information concerning how I
go about running Zephyr with its posix BSP?


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