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Carles Cufi

Hi Laurence,


First, you understand correctly, the controller is qualified if you run Zephyr on a Nordic IC.

To qualify a Host you only need to provide evidence that it passes a suite of PTS (Profile Testing Suite) tests.

These tests are run regularly by members of the Zephyr project, but so far they have not been submitted for qualification yet.


That said, this is a fairly simple process that you could consider doing yourself if you want to speed up the qualification. You might want to talk to Intel members (in particular Johan Hedberg, whom I’ve copied) about obtaining the PTS evidence in a form you can submit directly to the Bluetooth SIG.


We do plan to qualify the Zephyr Host, but the timeline is uncertain due to administrative decisions that need to be taken prior to a qualification.






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As a NRF52 user we would like to integrate to our solution an opensource OS in which we could take part. A study leads us in particular to zephyr.

However until now we use the fully qualified bluetooth nordic solution. If I correctly understand, the controller side of zephyr stack is qualified.

I wonder what brings the certification of the host part (we use BLE mainly for maintenance and configuration) ?

Is the host qualification forecast in zephyr project ?

Has someone already integrate the nordic firmware into zephyr ? It could be a good first solution before considering the qualification.


Thank you in advance for any advice or answer.






Laurence Pasteau


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