Executing a Post Build Batch File using CMake

Casey Shea

Build Environment Details
  • Building Zephyr with CMake
  • ARM Platform (Nordic nrf5340)
  • Source and Build directories are out of tree.
    • My build directory is ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}../../Executables
    • My source directories are in several places, but all are in a sub-directory of ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../../../
  • CLion is my IDE of choice but I don't believe that matters for this discusson.

What I am Trying to Achieve
At the end of my build process, I would like to execute a batch file on the zephyr_final target that signs the final image.  This is different than the MCU Boot signature and is a custom proprietary signature.  I am unable to change the way in which this image is signed as it must be compatible with existing tools used with my product.

Method in Which I am trying to Achieve
Normally, I would do this using add_custom_command(TARGET target_name POST_BUILD 
                                                                           COMMAND "batchfile.bat" batchfile_arguments)

However, I don't believe that the final zephyr target is within the scope of the top-level CMakeLists.txt file.  That said, I do not have a lot of experience with CMake as most of my past development was within the IAR toolchain.  It's very possible that I am misinterpreting this.  

1.  Will I be able to use the add_custom_command() CMake function to execute the batch file?  If so, can someone provide an example as to how I would do this and what Target I should be using.

2.  Is there a better, more appropriate method for doing this within the Zephyr environment.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated!  

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