build ROM library

Jacob Avraham

I'm planning to build a couple of libraries that will reside in ROM, and call them from a Zephyr application.
The nature of these libraries is that I don't have control of their source code and their APIs, so calling them
indirectly using a function pointers table is not a route I'd like to go.
The ROM code could be some standard compression library, or maybe portions of commonly used libc functions, and it will not make calls to external code, like OS or other libraries.
The questions are:
1. Can I use Zephyr's build infrastructure to build a library (preferred ELF format) that does not contain the Zephyr OS and is not an application? I figure I'll probably need to relocate the data section of this library from ROM to RAM during boot.
2. How can I link a Zephyr application with this library so that all the calls will be resolved?


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