Re: Error when getting started with zephyr on Windows Subsystem for Linux

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Hi Nash,


Is this a new installation of WSL Ubuntu, or one that’s been used for other purposes for a while?  I ask because I believe the errors you’re seeing are due to those packages already existing on your system but at a different, incompatible version number.  Pip is refusing to upgrade or downgrade these packages as it doesn’t want to break other applications that listed these packages as dependencies.


Rather than using the “install globally” instructions, you could try using a python virtual environment (“install with virtual environment”, on the getting started page).  Essentially, venv creates a directory at the root of your project and looks there for site-packages first.  Now, when you install packages through pip, they should get installed there instead of replacing the packages already installed in your normal python site-packages directory.  Remember to activate the virtual environment (.venv/bin/activate) when you want to do any work on this project, or you’ll end up using the wrong packages, and that could cause your build to fail.  My personal recommendation is to use a virtual environment for any project that requires packages from pip.


Another, less recommended option, would be to loosen the version number restrictions in requirements.txt.  It looks like most of your errors are caused by pip complaining that your currently-installed packages are too new.  You can open up the requirements.txt file and modify the required min and max version numbers there.  Note that this is probably a bad idea in the long run, especially if you relax the minimum version requirements, but may get you up and running in the short term.


Hopefully that helps you get started,


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I am trying to install zephyr on WSL Ubuntu (20.04.4), using this guide:


I am able to get up to the command: 

pip3 install --user -r ~/zephyrproject/zephyr/scripts/requirements.txt


When I execute this command, I get the error shown in the screenshot attached to this email. 


Can you please guide me on how I would go about installing zephyr properly? I am new to this and so I do not have experience with zephyr. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you,


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