Re: Porting Host-only build with HCI SPI to another RTOS #stm32 #nrf52840 #hci #spi

Carles Cufi

Hi there,


I am unclear as to what you are asking exactly, but I’ll give it a go.


If your question is whether porting Zephyr code to another RTOS is easy, the answer is: generally it is not, because even if you get the basics running the devil is in the details and corner cases. I would certainly not recommend porting the Zephyr BLE Host or Controller to another RTOS, I’d recommend instead using a BLE stack designed for portability instead of tight coupling.


Regarding the second question I think you are likely confusing layers. GATT services are in the Host, not in the Controller. So your 700 byte limit must be in the Host, which likely means that whatever IC you were connecting via SPI to was running both Host and Controller. That is not a configuration that Zephyr supports natively, because it needs a custom RPC-like layer between the application and the host/controller IC.




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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Porting Host-only build with HCI SPI to another RTOS #nrf52840 #hci #spi #stm32


Of the 3 layers running on the Host (App, BLE Host and HCI driver) in the dual chip configuration what is the difficulty in porting each layer over to Microsoft's ThreadX? My host micro will eventually be running Micrsoft's ThreadX RTOS (with CMSIS2 OS abstraction). 

My application is defined below:

My project is a host micro (STM32) and a nRF52840 (controller mode) to implement a peripheral. The configuration is the dual chip configuration.

My previous project was STM32 Host and BlueNRG-M0 (BLE controller over HCI SPI) but was abandoned due to the 700 byte size limit on Gatt services and characteristics.

I have gotten the hci_spi (controller build) running on the nRF52840. I am currently running the peripheral_hr sample on my host micro to test out if I can run all my services and characteristics with this solution.

Since ST provides a HCI SPI driver interface to their BLUENRG module could this be reused for the nRF52840? 


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