Process a module overlay file in addition to the ones in the regular places #devicetree #defconfig


Is there a way to get Zephyr to process an overlay file in a module directory (in my case an "extra module") in addition to the standard places it looks?
That is, without having to explicitly point to all the overlay files in DTC_OVERLAY_FILE.
That is, I want the automatic thing to happen - I want the build to automatically find the board/revision .dts and overlay files as it always does - and then I also want it to process an overlay file of a module.

(I tried appending to DTC_OVERLAY_FILE - I tried in the project top-level CMakeLists.txt as well as the module-level CMakeLists.txt - on the off chance that it would work. It didn't. In the top-level one it overrode the automatic finder rather than appending to it (just as if you specified it on the west cmd line). At the module-level, it didn't do anything - I guess it was set too late in the build flow.)


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