Success in testing of Silicon Labs Bluetooth Mesh APP with Zephyr

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>

static void gen_onoff_set_unack(struct bt_mesh_model *model,
                struct bt_mesh_msg_ctx *ctx,
                struct net_buf_simple *buf)

        unsigned char tmp = net_buf_simple_pull_u8(buf);

    printk("Data = %u\n\r",tmp);
        case 1:   
                NRF_P0->OUT &= ~(1<<13);
            case 0:
                NRF_P0->OUTSET |= (1<<13);                             


static const struct bt_mesh_prov prov = {
    .uuid = dev_uuid,
    //.output_size = 4,
    //.output_actions = BT_MESH_DISPLAY_NUMBER,
    //.output_number = output_number,
    .complete = prov_complete,
    .reset = prov_reset,

I modified gen_onoff_set_unack & struct bt_mesh_prov from $zephyr/samples/bluetooth/mesh/src/main.c as mentioned above.
And there should be only one active element. If we add more than one element then App throws "DCD request error".

Now after these modifications, I am able to provision & configure nrf52840_pca10056 board.

Plus I am able to control LED1 on all boards (after provisioning) using same Android App.

Thank You !!

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