button1 GPIOTE interrupt enable for NRF52840_PCA10056

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>

I want to enable GPIOTE interrupt for for Button1. For that I write

void GPIOTE_IRQHandler(void *arg)

    NRF_P0->OUT ^= (1<<16);


void gpio_init(void)

  NRF_P0->DIR |= 0x0001E000;           // for LEDs
  NRF_P0->OUTSET |= 0x0001E000;   // for LEDs


  NRF_P0->PIN_CNF[11]=0x0000000C;   // for making P0.11 as input

  NRF_GPIOTE->INTENSET |= 0x00000001;                         
  NRF_GPIOTE->CONFIG[0] |= 0x00000001 | (11<<8) | (2<<16);


I am able to compile code successfully & as per my understanding after pressing Button1,
Led4 should toggle on every click.

But I think interrupt is not get executed.

Could anybody help me to solve this issue ?

How to rewrite logic as per it ? how to modify prj.conf ?

Thank You!!

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