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Hello Andersen,
I have been trying to make a mcp2515 expansion connected to a Nordic 52840 DK work for a week without success. I can't figure out how to set the CAN functions by connecting them to the mcp_2515 routines already entered in Zephyr. The attached one is the schematic of the connections between the CAN chip and the 52840DK board using the default SPI3 (spim). I simply have to transmit extended data and receive them using the RX and TX interrupt. I am fresh from Zephyr which offers a lot of possibilities but I have always worked in Keil uVision and I still struggle to switch between them.
Thank you if you want to help me.
Low-level CAN controller samples: would be ideal for understanding the concepts.

Silvio Marino

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You link contains the word “socket” as a search string but you are linking to the low-level CAN controller documentation.
Are you trying to use Zephyr SocketCAN?

Apart from all the CAN test suites under there are a couple of samples in-tree:
- Low-level CAN controller samples:
- Zephyr SocketCAN sample:

Henrik Brix Andersen

On 19 Sep 2022, at 09.22, m.silvio@... wrote:
> Hello,
> see at :
> there is an inconsistency between the examples and the latest revision. They don't match, for example 'struct can_frame'. I can't get the mcp2515 chip to work with the spi3 on a nordic card and still have compilation errors. Could you send me an example of loop send data over CAN via mcp2515 with the latest revision? Or a relative link to watch?
> Thank you very much.
> Silvio
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