Re: ESP32-AT socket connection errors #esp32

Jonathan Beri

I haven't tried this myself but make sure you check which release of the esp32-at your device is running. It also seems that the ESP32-S2 is no longer supported:

  • ESP32-S2 Series
    • ESP32-C2 is recommended to use instead
    • ESP-AT will not release the major version for ESP32-S2.
    • ESP-AT no longer adds new features to ESP32-S2.
    • v2.1.0.0_esp32s2 is the last version of ESP-AT for ESP32-S2, corresponding to branch release/v2.1.0.0_esp32s2, corresponding to documentation
    • ESP-AT will regularly update release/v2.2.0.0_esp32 branch for ESP32-S2. Update includes vital bugfix and security repair.

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