ws2812 #risc-v


Dear all,
I am trying to run Zephyr sample ./zephyr/samples/drivers/led_ws2812/README.rst on chipset ESP32c3.
After some tuning of this example, I am able to run it, diodes starts to flash one by one, but they never turn off all. Anytime I start the microcontroller, 3 diodes keep shining, they do change color but there is always certaing brightness offset I cannot get rid of, moreover I tried to turn all the diodes off, but no luck.
In contrast, the same example runs pretty fine on nrf52840_dongle, could anyone help me tweak this example for RISCV?
I guess it has something to do with these 3 items in dts overlay which need to be fine tuned for specific hardware platform,according to this page:,ws2812-spi.html
- spi-max-frequency
  - spi-zero-frame
  - spi-one-frame.
But how can I get to know these parameters? For nrf52840 they are already included, but for esp32c3 I guess they must be calculated.
Could anyone give me a hint how to proceed further?


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