Re: Discarding Netwok PDU

Johan Hedberg

Hi Ashish,

On Fri, Dec 01, 2017, wrote:
I want to know in the current implementation of mesh, what parameters are
being taken in account to discard a network PDU and not to process it.
There are too many conditions to start listing them here. I recommend
you look at net.c and transport.c under subsys/bluetooth/host/mesh/ and
trace through the code starting with bt_mesh_net_recv() to see what can
cause the packet to be discarded.

The code should be following the specification requirements, so
familiarizing yourself with the Mesh Profile Specification is a good
idea as well.

Also, if I want to process same message from same SRC/DST, what can be done
to process it few times for testing purposes?
If by "same message" you mean the exact same advertising payload, you'll
need to disable at least the duplicate cache, network message cache, and
the replay protection list.


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