help with building and cmake.

Graham Stott <gbcstott1@...>

I am trying to move my project from zephyr v1.7.0 to v1.9.2. I am using a new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit system and therefore I am starting from scratch.


I followed the “Getting Started Guide” and first did the “Development Environment setup for Linux”.  I installed cmake version 3.10.0.  I also installed the 0.9.2 SDK.


I then follow the “Getting Started Guide” for Building and Running an Application.  In step 4,  it has an example of building the “Hello World” example.  When I enter the following command:


cmake –DBOARD=ardino_101 ../..


I get  the following error:


CMake Error:  “The source directory /home/gstott/zephyr-v1.9.2 /samples/hello_world” does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt


I do not see any instructions on how this file is generated.


What am I missing?



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