Re: Publishing user data

Johan Hedberg

Hi Ashish,

On Mon, Dec 04, 2017, wrote:
In a project, I need to publish specific data to neighboring nodes
utilizing TTL value. For this sake, I've configured all the nodes to be a
relay node and publish address for the model is set to 0xFFE, which has
been done so that it publishes to all relay nodes.Is my understanding of
address 0xFFE correct?
The "all relays" group address is 0xfffe and not 0xffe. In most cases
it's unwise (inefficient) to have all nodes of a mesh network acting as
relays, so you may want to rethink your setup. It might make more sense
to use a normal group address instead. Note that with a normal group
address, after configuring model publication, you'll also need to
configure model subscription by having your provisioner send Config
Model Subscription Add messages to your nodes.

Now, when I configured this node using android app, publish address of the
model is over-written by the app.
What do you mean that it's overwritten? The provisioner (the "android
app" in this case I suppose?) is the entity that in most normal
situations is expected to configure the model publication. I.e. the
publication address wouldn't be set to anything until the app sends a
Config Model Publication Set message to your node.

Should I modify this address to 0xFFE before using bt_mesh_model_publish()
What do you mean by "modify"? Normally it would be the provisioner that
configures the model publication with through the configuration model.


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