Complete Sample Demo for BluetoothMesh like Nordic Semiconductor "Light_Switch"

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>


I need simple clone of of "Light_Switch" demo (part of nordic semiconductor mesh SDK) using Zephyr.
In that demo, we can control Led1 on Servers using publishing data from client. Reliability is 100% even entire demo is based on only ADV-Bearer.
They used one client & 3 Servers. Client itself acts like provisioner.

Unfortunately, Nordic uses only ADV-Bearer & so we can't use available Silicon Labs Mesh App as provisioner.

So I shift to Zephyr since at least I can test working of Mesh using Provisioner APP.

But as per my testing, zephyr publishing reliability is not good even if I call bt_mesh_model_publish() from thread which wakes up on interrupt.

I want to publish 0 and 1 (toggle) after pressing button on one device to all other available nodes in vicinity. (individually using Unicast addresses & for many using Group address  )

So please release such full working demo like Nordic using Zephyr OS.
Or help me in details so that I can release behalf on Zephyr Community.

Thank You!!

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