Re: [Zephyr-devel] Zephyr IPSP sample crashes and ble controller crashes (IPv6 over BLE)

Luiz Augusto von Dentz

Hi Priyanka,

On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM, Priyanka Rawat <> wrote:

My test set up for IPv6 over BLE is following :

At one end : Two boards frdm-kw41z and frdm-k64f are stacked together.
kw41z (flashed with hci_blackbox firmware) is ble controller with k64f as
ble host (flashed with zephyr sample IPSP).
I assume hci_blackbox is not a zephyr based controller is it?

At the other end: Second kw41z (flashed with hci_blackbox firmware) is ble
controller attached to Linux host.

[Kw41z (ble controller)+ k64f (zephyr IPSP)] <---------->[Kw41z (ble
controller)+Linux host]

Issue with testing IPv6 over BLE :

Once the BLE connection is established, within few seconds BLE controller
gets disconnected.
Either zephyr (recent master branch) crashes or BLE controller crashes or
both. Often it is BLE controller that gets disconnected within few seconds.
Restarting zephyr might enable establishing the connection once again, but
then ble controller goes down immediately.
Im not sure if will be able to help in case the controller is not
really zephyr based in the other hand we should be able to fix the
host crash if you provide some traces when that happens.

After that, I should disconnect the boards and connect again (via usb
connection) in order to set up the ble connection again.

While on Zephyr side, it always prints connection handle 32
On Linux side, the first time connection handle is 32, afterwards it is
different (handle 65, 128 etc.,) as shown with "hcitool conn".
btmon log shows for specific handle : remote user terminated connection or
connection terminated by local host
I guess with Zephyr the controller crashes and restart using the same
handle, while with Linux it manages to work fine, perhaps this is
because zephyr attempts to use the host flow control?

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