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Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Flavio,

On Mon, 4 Dec 2017 08:51:09 -0200
Flavio Arieta <> wrote:

I was studying the MQTT protocol and got in doubt why the rtos
implements it instead of MQTT-SN.
It doesn't implement it "instead", it just implements it. Zephyr is a
general-purpose inclusive (RT)OS ;-).

There is an email from April 2016 on the Zephyr-devel mailing list
saying that there are little dependencies to implement the MQTT-SN
and on the roadmap it could be implemented first, then CoAP and
finally MQTT itself. Is there any updates about this apart from the
single reply that it received back in 2016?
How things get added/implemented in Zephyr is based on the interests of
the stakeholders (i.e. parties which are actively involved in the
development) and the community (which contribute to the development).

I'm personally not surprised that MQTT-SN isn't implemented while MQTT
is - I never heard of MQTT-SN used in the wild, while "everyone" uses
MQTT (and real-world usage isn't related to technical/theoretical
merits, as we know).

Another point that there's no need to "implement" some protocol
specifically for Zephyr - there're certainly existing libs which
implement MQTT-SN, so they just need to be *ported* to Zephyr. That
used to be complicated, as such libs likely use standard well-known
APIs for networking, like BSD Sockets, but now Zephyr offer such an
API too.

Summing up, Zephyr should already offers various choices for almost any
protocol: a) use a close analog; b) port existing lib; c) develop
optimized support specifically for Zephyr.

If you're interested in MQTT-SN, definitely feel free to give a try to
one of the last 2 choices.

Flávio Arieta Netto.
Best Regards,
Paul | Open source software for ARM SoCs
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