Stack check failure with qemu_x86

Vakul Garg <vakul.garg@...>



I am running IPSP sample app using qemu_86 (on master branch).

I have enabled following to detect stack corruption.






This results in stack check error.

I tried attaching gdb, but the qemu itself terminates resulting on closure of debug connection


Can someone give me pointers how to debug the same?


***** Stack Check Fail! *****

Current thread ID = 0x004035a0

Faulting segment:address = 0x0008:0x00003f6f

eax: 0x5be0cd19, ebx: 0xa54ff53a, ecx: 0x6a09e667, edx: 0x3c6ef372

esi: 0x1f83d9ab, edi: 0x510e527f, ebp: 0x9b05688c, esp: 0x0041dff8

eflags: 0x202

Terminate emulator due to fatal kernel error







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