Re: Disabling Relay feature of a node of bluetooth mesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Ashish,

On Thu, Dec 07, 2017, wrote:
Hi everyone !!!

I'm trying to disable relay feature of node by making these two changes

1. setting *CONFIG_BT_MESH_RELAY=n* in the prj.conf file.

2. static struct bt_mesh_cfg_srv cfg_srv = {
Setting CONFIG_BT_MESH_RELAY=n will actually force the value of
cfg.relay to BT_MESH_RELAY_NOT_SUPPORTED when you initialize mesh, so
trying to set it to disabled shouldn't have any effect. When the value
is NOT_SUPPORTED it can't be changed to any other value at runtime
(which is probably why your attempts with SiLabs don't succeed).

.default_ttl = 5,

/* network retransmissions with 20ms interval */
.net_transmit = BT_MESH_TRANSMIT(5, 20),
/* relay retransmissions with 20ms interval */
.relay_retransmit = BT_MESH_TRANSMIT(5, 20),

After these two changes, node relays all the messages it receives except
ones intended for itself.
What else needs to be done to disable relay feature?

Even Android app by Silicon Labs for bluetooth mesh is not able to disable
relay feature.
Are you using the latest master branch, since there were fixes for this
feature earlier this week?

Also note that since you're setting gatt_proxy to BT_MESH_GATT_PROXY_ENABLED
it means that the node *is* expected to relay packets between the mesh
network and the GATT Client (however *not* relay packets from the mesh
network back to the mesh network).


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