Re: Disabling Relay feature of a node of bluetooth mesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Ashish,

On Thu, Dec 07, 2017, wrote:
I was not understanding meaning of *CONFIG_BT_MESH_RELAY=n* correctly.
Thanks for clarification.

However, when I enabled the proxy feature of a node, and disabled its relay
feature, it relays messages from mesh network as well. I'm using latest
version zephyr-1.10.0-rc3.
As I said earlier, when the Proxy feature is enabled, the proxy *should*
be relaying messages from the network to any connected GATT client,
regardless of the Relay feature being enabled or not. If you don't want
your GATT Client to see network traffic, i.e. to only have access to
elements on the GATT Proxy itself, then you should disable the GATT
Proxy feature (have CONFIG_BT_MESH_GATT_PROXY=y but set cfg.gatt_proxy

If you're really seeing advertising to advertising relaying with rc3
(which does have all the latest fixes) there's something very strange
going on, since the logic for this is now quite simple in the code. You
can check this yourself by looking at the bt_mesh_net_relay() function
and the relay_to_adv() helper function that it uses. Both are found in


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