Re: I2C and adc support for nRF5

Felipe Neves

Hello ashish!

The current version of Zephyr support I2C driver for nRF5, you also can find some examples in samples/ directory, the samples/drivers/i2c_fujistsu_fram  is a simple example which use both I2C write and
read functions.

To test it just setup zephyr environment then cd to this sample directory, then:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DBOARD=nrf52_pca10040 ..
$ make

You'll find the built image on build/zephyr directory.

Also you can use this sample as reference to develop your own project based on I2C bus.

About the ADC, the nrf5 currently does not support driver to it, but you can of course use it by:

- providing a driver using the zephyr infrastructure;
- use ADC controller as part of your application.

Please let me know if this information was useful to you.



2017-12-11 2:43 GMT-02:00 ashish.shukla@... <ashish.shukla@...>:

Hello everyone !!!

There is I2C support for nRF5 micro controllers, is there any sample code available to interface an I2C device with nRF5.

Also, is there adc support for nRF5 series controllers?    

Warm regards,
Ashish Shukla
Jr. Embedded Engineer
Research & Development

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