Re: Stack check failure with qemu_x86

Andy Gross

On 8 December 2017 at 00:08, Vakul Garg <> wrote:
I could resolve this issue on qemu_x86 by increasing MAIN_STACK_SIZE in the configuration.

I am not sure whether increasing stack size is required for my hardware board as well or is it only qemu_x86 which exhausted the stack and detected stack overflow.

I am debugging some issue on ARM based board (frdm-k64f) where I suspected corruption.
Does the stack check feature works on arm as well the same way as it worked over qemu_x86?
For the hardware board, zephyr/.config shows HW_STACK_PROTECTION=n.
The k64f does support stack protection. You just need to configure it
for use by setting HW_STACK_PROTECTION in your prj.conf. The QEMU ARM
target does not support MPU stack protection. Changes in both the
Zephyr ARM code and the qemu code are required (feature support and
bug fixes).

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