Re: Running ZTest for custom drivers on Boards.

Nashif, Anas


That is correct, a test is just another application.

Try a test that is known to work, for example a kernel test and see if you get the output.




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Hello Anas,

            Thank you for the reply.


So it means just like running an application, i can run the testcases as an application from "zephyr/tests/xx_yy" folder on my board?


I tried it but i could find any prints related to my test case nor any effect on my device.

I am using nRF52 based board and seeing in RTT console.


Is there something i am missing in my understanding in the framework?


Dhananjay G J


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Running sanitycheck on a specific device is currently not supported, but it is a highly requested features and is planned. You could always go into the test you are interested in and just flash the binary to the device you are testing for now.




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Hello All,

        I created a custom driver for one of our device on a board and wanted to write testcases for it. I can build the testcases by following other test driver folders like gpio or i2c , but these are not running the test_main() which is supposed to run the test suite that i wrote. And I also followed the zephyr documentation about using the sanitycheck script, but i think this just builds the project if i understood it. I would like to know how to run unit tests on the board for my devices instead of qemu on the PC.

This may be rookie question but i could find any documentation how about can we do this on boards if its possible. Any leads on this will be helpful.

Many thanks for the support.

Dhananjay G J


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