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Okay Thank you. 

so would it be better to take a Uart TTL Serial Camera? Is there a possibility to communicate with the camera without writing a driver?

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017 18:44
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The Arduino Due has USB host, but I don't think support will be added anytime soon for that. You will need USB host support to connect the webcam to the board. There is no easy connection to the internet for the Arduino Due board either. You could add an external WiFi chip or external BLE chip, which you would have to write the driver for. The BLE might work because Zephyr currently has a lot of BLE support. However, you won't be able to sent high resolution images because BLE is low bandwidth.

The Arduino 101 looks like it has USB, but I haven't been able to find the datasheet for the chip to see if it supports host. Even then you will need to write the host driver. The board does come with BLE on it, which may already work with Zephyr. I don't know for sure. I will check in the next few days or you can check.

Getting the data from the webcam is going to take a board with USB host though that's going to be the most difficult part because no board has USB host support right now.

As far as getting the data to the internet you really need a board with Ethernet or Wifi because video is high bandwidth.

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I am trying to make a security camera with zephyr and Arduino and therefore I had some Questions.

1. Which Arduino will be the best for this Application? "Due" or "101"?

2. How can I turn on a USB Webcam when it is necessary?

3. Is it possible to get a Internet Connection with the Arduino Due?

Thanks in Advance


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