nRF Sniffer

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa


This e-mail is only for information.
In a recent email chain, I had mentioned nRF Sniffer.
If you own a nRF51 dongle/DK or nRF52832 PCA10040 DK, you have a free simple Bluetooth Low Energy packet sniffer.

I had used older sniffer for nRF51 dongle on Windows OS with no issues before. 
Today I installed it on my Mac Book Pro macOS High Sierra for PCA10040 nRF52832 board without any issues, in very simple steps as described in the User Guide.

The sniffer works seamlessly when using Wireshark, my observations:
- The documented LED1 is off on PCA10040, LED2 keeps blinking when it is sniffer all advertising.
- LED2 is off, LED1 is blinking for every packet (Adv or Connected) sniffing/following a particular device when selected in Wireshark.


- LED2 will blink a lot, will not be surprised, every place in the world with a smart phone around, more than 5 BLE devices advertising in a 10m diameter around you!  

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