Re: Problems with L2 on samples/net/echo_client and nrf52_pca10040

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Please use prj_bt.conf for nrf52_pca10040. This will give you echo example running over BLE, since nrf52830 present on this DK has only BLE radio.


The configuration you have used if for nrf52840_pca10056 and builds the echo example to run over 802.15.4 radio present in nRF52840 chip.



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I'm having some problems with the echo_client sample while using my nrf52 pca10040.


From what I understood of the problem is that net_if_get_ll_reserve called from net_ipv6_send_nscrashes because of iface->l2->reserve (no function attached to it maybe?).


The project configuration is the default prj_nrf5.conf and no modifications where made on the code apart from some extras debug messages.


Since I haven't changed anything from the configuration and project that could generate this error I'm very confused.



Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. make pristine 

2. make CONF_FILE=prj_nrf5.conf BOARD=nrf52_pca10040

3. program the board.



Serial output (I can't access pastebin from here, sorry):

[net/core] [DBG] net_init: (0x2000691c): Priority 90

[net/core] [DBG] l2_init: (0x2000691c): Network L2 init done

[net/core] [DBG] l3_init: (0x2000691c): Network L3 init done

[net/core] [DBG] net_rx_thread: (0x2000229c): Starting RX thread (stack 2048 bytes)

[net/if] [DBG] net_if_init: (0x2000229c): 

[net/if] [DBG] net_if_tx_thread: (0x20002a9c): Starting TX thread (stack 2048 bytes)

[net/if] [DBG] net_if_post_init: (0x2000229c): 

shell> [echo-client] [INF] init_app: Run echo client

[net/if] [DBG] net_if_ipv6_start_dad: (0x2000691c): Interface 0x20000900 ll addr 34:80:04:F0:07:FA tentative IPv6 addr 2001:db8::1

***** BUS FAULT *****

  Executing thread ID (thread): 0x2000691c

  Faulting instruction address:  0x6b6360

  Instruction bus error

Fatal fault in essential thread! Spinning...



I'm new to Zephyr, so I can lack basic knowledge while configurating the project and with the Zephyr RTOS structure and data flow.




Flávio Arieta Netto.

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