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Vakul Garg <vakul.garg@...>

Hi Andrew

I am using nxp frdm_k64f (has cortex M4 core).
In my application, I have a printf() at beginning. This is causing bus fault.
Replacing it with an infinite while(1) loop hides the bus fault but stack check still remains.

Further I tried running zephyr/tests/kernel/mem_protect/userspace.
It passes successfully.

However if I introduce a printf() in function userspace/src/main.c: umode_enter_func() under the condition when is_user_context is true, it also crashes.
But here it is different exception !!

***** USAGE FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x200002ec
Faulting instruction address: 0x61a0
Attempt to execute undefined instruction
Caught system error -- reason 0

Further decoding faulting instruction address 0x61a0 using 'addr2line' takes me to userspace/build/frdm_k64f/zephyr/priv_stacks_hash.gperf:32
The given line number is inside following function (at the location where variable map is being dereferenced to get priv_stack_addr).

u8_t *_k_priv_stack_find(void *obj)
const struct _k_priv_stack_map *map =
_k_priv_stack_map_lookup((const char *)obj, sizeof(void *));
return map->priv_stack_addr;

I tried increasing MAIN/PREVILEDGED stack sizes in project config, but result is same.



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It looks like you are getting two exceptions in a row.
Were you able to determine the source of the bus fault? That seems like the
real issue.
What platform is this on?


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I want my application auto-launched at zephyr startup to drop its privileges
to become user mode app.
So I moved my applications entry point to app_main() and invoked it from
k_thread_user_mode_enter(app_main, NULL, NULL, NULL) from function
void main().

Now, before app_main() could get called, I get following error:

***** BUS FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x20002eec
Faulting instruction address: 0x12da
Precise data bus error
Address: 0x20011208
Fatal fault in thread 0x20002eec! Aborting.
***** Stack Check Fail! *****
Current thread ID = 0x20002eec
Faulting instruction address = 0x2a290

I checked that the stack sentinel check is failing in function

Can someone advise what I am doing wrong?



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