First steps and first problems.

Iñaki Malerba <inakimmalerba@...>

Hi to all !

My name is Iñaki and this is my first email to this community. I hope you can help me!

Im trying to use zephyr on a 96b Carbon, but Im having some issues with drivers.

At first I tried to make PWM driver work, but I couldnt make it. At first I thought it was some issue with the pinmux or something, so i tried Bill Fletcher's approach and it worked great (letting me know it was not a hardware problem).

Now im trying to make I2C work to read a sensor, but, same as with the PWM, it's not working.

#define I2C_DEV "I2C_1"
struct device *i2c_dev;

i2c_dev = device_get_binding(I2C_DEV);
if (!i2c_dev) {
    printk("I2C: Device driver not found.\n");

This code always prints the error message.

Note: I've enabled I2C over the menuconfig.

Any clue what can i be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance !!!
Martin Iñaki Malerba
inakimmalerba@... | +54 02945 15468443

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