Re: [Zephyr-devel] Firmware over the air (FOTA) and FCB support in 1.11.0

Michael Scott

On 03/20/2018 09:14 PM, ashish.shukla@... wrote:
Hi all,

I've been waiting for FOTA and FCB support in zephyr and now when it is supported, I cannot see any samples available or proper documentation to use these features in my project.

Hi Ashish,

Your question is a bit open-ended, and might be difficult to answer without some details regarding your paricular use-case (BLE update, IP-based update, Mesh, etc)

For instance, the LwM2M subsystem provides a mechanism for receiving a firmware update in the LwM2M client, but the implementation of where to store the incoming binary data is up to you.  See for a callback example that is triggered on each incoming block of data.  Documentation for the sample itself doesn't discuss the firmware update mechanism, but it's here for reference:

Then, there is a robust DFU (Device Firmware Update) subsystem to help implement the image writing portion of a firmware update as well as integrate with mcuboot (an MCU bootloader) which would check an image for validity and then move it into the bootable application slot.   See: for sources.

Regarding FCB: the initial implementation is done in v1.11, but the APIs are fairly complex and IMHO it's meant to be used as a base layer for other higher level implementations to manage persistent data such as device configuration, system logs and other uses.  There are several pull requests in-progress which aim to add these higher level services.  (The first PR will probably be re-written to use FCB as it's base layer):

Hopefully that helps get you started,

- Mike

Any help regarding the same would be of great help.

Warm regards,
Ashish Shukla
Jr. Embedded Engineer
Research & Development

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