Re: USB HID sample

Yannis Damigos

I tried to run the USB HID sample on a STM-based device and ran into some problems. I get a usage fault caused by a division by zero. This actually happens in the ST HAL, where a division by the MPS of the USB enpoint is done. The MPS is actually 0 when the sample does the USB write. Is there something missing in the sample? When turning the logging in the USB subsystem on, I can also see, that the Enpoints 0x00 and 0x80 are configured, but not the HID endpoint (on 0x83). the set_callback function is however called in the stm driver.

Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.

Hi Joe,

I will try to test the sample on my boards in the next days. The default HID endpoint is 0x81. Is it configured?

Best regards,

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