Re: nucleo_f401re can not flash and can not work

Erwan Gouriou


Else, can you provide more information:
*command used ("make BOARD=nucleo_f401re flash" should work)
*Work environment (Linux/Windows/Mac Os)
*How do you access com port?
*Zephyr SDK version
*SHA1 of the commit / commit title for the HEAD of your tree
*Is that specific to nucleo_f401re? Did you succeed with other board?


On 22 June 2017 at 02:43, 会奎林 <linhuikui@...> wrote:
In the zephyr project, I compile nucleo_f401re board whit sample "hello world" and "shell"  and flashed it. but there is nothing out put via the USB COM. my English is poor, and coudle any one help me?

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