Re: Intel Pattern Matching in Zephyr?

Felipe Neves

Hey guys.

If this library is available to Arduino 101 and TinyTile (as shown in github), and all code base for it is referenced on Intel QMSI library, I think the PME engine is already supportend on QMSI, if so
should be easy to port to zephyr since the QMSI is already supported by the kernel, only needs to write a suitable device driver and put into zephyr's device model right?



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I have been trying to use it a bit. The open source code is here.


It is bit out of date but with a little bit tweaking you can get it to build. It should be easy to drop the Arduino parts since they are really not needed.




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Just wondering if anybody used the PM technology with zephyr.


There is code for the arduino IDE but I don't know how difficult would be to port it



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