nrf51822 mesh example RAM constraints.

Antonio <anvivaldi27@...>

Hi All,

I was able finally to run basic mesh example on NRF51 device.
But I have an issue with RAM limits.
To be able to work with meshctl (Bluez) provisioning 
GATT_PROXY and PB_GATT should be enabled.
(It was not clear at first)
This leads to 128 bytes RAM overflow.
(NRF51822 has 256k Flash and 16k RAM)
I was able to temporary fix the issue reducing ISR stack from 640 to 512 bytes.
Bu as soon as my node receiving message (OnOff in my case) I have a HARD FAULT.

***** BOOTING ZEPHYR OS v1.11.99 - BUILD: Apr  9 2018 18:58:45 *****
Ver 1.06 ... Initializing...
 PB_GATT enabled
Bluetooth initialized
Mesh initialized
 * Prov complete.
***** HARD FAULT *****
  Executing thread ID (thread): 0x20001660
  Faulting instruction address:  0x20002880
Fatal fault in ISR! Spinning…

So the main question is:
Is it possible to tune some other parameters on CONFIG or remove some features to fit basic MESH example to NRF51 device?
Or should I forget about BLE Mesh on NRF51822 ?
Another idea is to hardcode provisioning information and forget about provisioning procedure at all,
But it is not the best way for real production setup.

Thank you.

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