Re: [Zephyr-devel] How to evaluate the "zephyr\samples\bluetooth\mesh"?

vikrant8051 <vikrant8051@...>

Hi Aaron,
I wanna too do that.

But to create complex mesh network, it is required that node should save provisioning & configuration data on
SoC flash. And I hope from next version onwards we could do that which is going to release in June 2018 with LTS tag.

....As per my understanding, once this PR get merged into Zephyr main project tree,
that will be the first step towards saving Mesh generated data on SoC flash. 

I'm not able to visualize where we could use Friend & Low Power Node feature in day to day life
experience, so ignore it. Do you have any such example, where we can use Friend & LPNode ?


On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 3:43 PM, Aaron Xu <overheat1984@...> wrote:
Hi Vikrant,

Perfect! I have use Silicon Labs Bluetooth Mesh Android App to provision my network and control those "Lights".
Thank you for your great help!

I noticed that zephyr has implemented friend and low power nodes for Bluetooth mesh.
I want to step forward to evaluation a more complex Bluetooth mesh network. Any hits on this?


2018-04-18 0:29 GMT+08:00 Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>:
Hi Aaron,

This may help you,

You could provision your node based on above example using either #meshctl utility from BlueZ 5.49 or Silicon Labs #BluetoothMesh Android App.

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018, 1:46 PM Aaron Xu <overheat1984@...> wrote:

I follow the "Eclipse debugging" instructions, which can be found here:

And I tried some bluetooth samples in zephyr on NORDIC pca10040 board, like Beacon, mesh demo, they are works.

But those message keep printing on my terminal(serial), when I try the "zephyr\samples\bluetooth\mesh"

***** Booting Zephyr OS v1.11.0-710-g09a8810b3 *****
[bt] [INF] hci_vs_init: HW Platform: Nordic Semiconductor (0x0002)
[bt] [INF] hci_vs_init: HW Variant: nRF52x (0x0002)
[bt] [INF] hci_vs_init: Firmware: Standard Bluetooth controller (0x00) Version 1.11 Build 99
[bt] [INF] show_dev_info: Identity: ee:ef:34:8d:7f:97 (random)
[bt] [INF] show_dev_info: HCI: version 5.0 (0x09) revision 0x0000, manufacturer 0x05f1
[bt] [INF] show_dev_info: LMP: version 5.0 (0x09) subver 0xffff
Bluetooth initialized
[bt] [INF] bt_mesh_prov_init: Device UUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000dddd
Mesh initialized
adv stack (real size 812):      unused 516      usage 296 / 812 (36 %)
Kernel stacks:
main      (real size 512):      unused 276      usage 236 / 512 (46 %)
idle      (real size 320):      unused 272      usage 48 / 320 (15 %)
interrupt (real size 2048):     unused 1648     usage 400 / 2048 (19 %)
workqueue (real size 2048):     unused 1736     usage 312 / 2048 (15 %)
ecc stack (real size 1324):     unused 448      usage 876 / 1324 (66 %)
prio recv thread stack (real size 748): unused 632      usage 116 / 748 (15 %)
recv thread stack (real size 2348):     unused 2136     usage 212 / 2348 (9 %)
adv stack (real size 812):      unused 472      usage 340 / 812 (41 %)
Kernel stacks:
Kernel stacks:
I can see those printf information in the red, look it works. but what's the next coming information?
What should I do next? flash more then one board?
Please give me some advise or a documentation, I will appreciate it! 


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