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Hi Swapnil,

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is it possible to change the time or provide a delay between two consecutive packets sent on two different advertising channels?
No, not without changing the implementation. Changing or having such a delay means that the reserved time of BLE event should also be adjusted. And, such a delay would also reduce overall on-air radio utilisation, reducing the implementations throughput.

packet on channel 37 --> delay --> packet on channel 38 --> delay -->packet on channel 39.
(delay = time between the start of the packet on 1 channel and the start of the packet on another channel.)

as per the core specifications delay could be <= 10ms but I checked the existing delay which is less than 200us ( i could be wrong). is it possible to change the delay by changing some value in ctrl.c or somewhere else?
Under non-connectable advertising, if I remember correct, the end of packet on one channel to the start of packet on another channel is as low as 70 us in the nRF52 series implementations (lower the better!).
No, no simple change of value in ctrl.c would provide you such delay.

You are asking a very difficult feature, to reduce radio utilisation/throughout ;-). But yes, if we can “design" with radio utilisations inside these delays, such a feature is reasonable, but so far there is no such strong requirement to delay or expand an advertising event time beyond its lowest possible event length.

Thank you in advance.

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