Re: Device Firmware Update + Zephyr + #bluetoothmesh

Rodrigo Peixoto <rodrigopex@...>

answering inline. 

Working on #DFU_OTA feature is not at top of my priority list. I had just checked it & try to understand overall mechanism. 

Now I will prefer to wait till 
1) Zephyr #BluetoothMesh stack allow us to save Provisioning & Configuration details on SoC flash

2) plus it should also take care of saving data like sequence no. &  Model states on SoC flash on periodic basis

This is important, because Device firmware upgrade OTA should not changed those data if overall process is going to be automatic for end-user perspective.

There will be roughly four section in SoC flash-

1. for MCUboot
2. for flash memory (which will acts like eeprom)
3. slot_0 (current image)
4. slot_1 ( temporary location for new image after DFU )

This is not yet defined. Plus we don't know how to do DFU_OTA using Android or iOS App. 

So let's us go step by step. Hope upcoming LTS 1.12 come up as complete solution.

I really need that.
Meanwhile, we can work on Friend & Low Power Node implementation, design Models which are mentioned in attached image.

Do you need help on that? I am a little bit confusing. 
I was willing to create the sample related to OTA and mesh. But if there is other sample as you said related to mesh, it would be a pleasure to help.

Is there any thing I can do?

Best regards,
Rodrigo Peixoto.

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