Re: Going mad about I2C #i2c #stm32 #nrf51822

Yannis Damigos

Hi Roman,

you need to update boards pinmux.c file to add the I2C pins. You could
check olimexino_stm32 board's pinmux file for reference.

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 10:36 AM Roman Tataurov <diytronic@...> wrote:

MCU is this
Using this board

Seems it completely off i2c devices so added to board dts
&i2c1 {
status = "ok";
&i2c2 {
status = "ok";
To make it work. Together with bug fixed about DTS I have now I2C
device created. So code is work now.
But still no activities on device pins. Checked all the pins with logick
analser and found nothing.

I suspect some GPIO setup required.

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