Re: [Zephyr-devel] not able to complete #BluetoothMesh provisioning & configuration process using #meshctl (5.49) #meshctl #bluetoothmesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Steve,

On Tue, May 01, 2018, Steve Brown wrote:
It doesn't appear that bt_mesh_proxy_identity_enable() gets called in
prov.c:proxy_data(). The earlier call to bt_mesh_provision() closes the
connection when it calls bt_mesh_proxy_prov_disable().

Here is a snippet of debug output:

[bt] [DBG] prov_data: (0x20001fc8)
[bt] [DBG] prov_data: (0x20001fc8) SessionKey: 7b7a94f1ca0aa42fdf79219292e28155
[bt] [DBG] prov_data: (0x20001fc8) Nonce: 3a06c3b351f1ab2b4d6462cb60
[bt] [DBG] prov_data: (0x20001fc8) DevKey: b495b3a317a5b18a708a2f41d3685860
[bt] [DBG] prov_data: (0x20001fc8) net_idx 0 iv_index 0x00000005, addr 0x0100
[bt] [DBG] proxy_segment_and_send: (0x20001fc8) conn 0x20000534 type 0x03 len 1: 08
[bt] [DBG] proxy_send: (0x20001fc8) 2 bytes: 0308
[bt] [INF] bt_mesh_provision: Primary Element: 0x0100
[bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_provision: (0x20001fc8) net_idx 0x0000 flags 0x00 iv_index 0x0005
[bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_proxy_prov_disable: (0x20001fc8)
[bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_pb_gatt_close: (0x20001fc8) conn 0x20000534
[bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_proxy_gatt_enable: (0x20001fc8)
[bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_adv_update: (0x20001fc8)
[bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_scan_enable: (0x20001fc8)
[bt] [DBG] prov_data: (0x20001fc8) conn 0x00000000 <<<<< BT_DGB() added just before bt_mesh_proxy_identity_enable() >>>>>>
That's a good catch. I'm sorry for not realizing it earlier. I've
uploaded an untested pull request that attempts to fix this. Could you
try it please:



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