Re: [Zephyr-devel] Kconfig changes on master

Carles Cufi

Hi there,


CMake is the build system, Kconfig is the configuration system. Kconfig is run by CMake as one of the first things it does in order to figure out what needs to be built and how.


More information can be found here:






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What is the relationship  cmake and kconfig ?  both of them can be used to configure Zephyr ?

Are they alternative or dependent?




2018-05-08 4:02 GMT+08:00 Cufi, Carles <carles.cufi@...>:

Hi all,

We have just merged PR #7293 [1], and this has a few implications for developers and users. With the end goal being removing the dependency to the C implementation of the different Kconfig tools in order to provide native support on all operating systems, including Windows, Ulf has contributed a Python "menuconfig" implementation that is now the only frontend available for browsing the Kconfig tree.

In practice this means:

 * The gconfig and xconfig targets have been removed
 * The menuconfig target now uses a Python implementation with curses as its backend
 * There is a new Python requirement on Windows (windows-curses) that is part of requirements.txt

If anyone in the community wants to look into providing a graphical user interface for Kconfig to replace the ones that have been removed, a good starting point would be to:

 * Use Qt and the PyQt [2] or PySide [3](recently announced for Qt 5) bindings
 * Use scripts/kconfig/ as a reference on how to access the Kconfig tree data from Python





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