Setting a default public MAC address in Zephyr HCI samples

Nathan Miller

Is it possible, using the HCI samples (hci_uart, hci_spi, etc) to set a default public MAC address from within zephyr? We have a MAC we'd like to use, and in my exploration of documentation I found the HCI vendor specific command Write BD_ADDR. This seems similar to what I need but the host has no way to read the MAC address to be used from the UICR on the chip, so it's not actually a viable solution. In the documentation for that command, however, it states:

The vendor specific Reset command will reset the BD_ADDR to its non-volatile default if available. Otherwise the BD_ADDR shall be reset to the invalid / non-existent 00:00:00:00:00:00 address value.

This implies there is a way to set a non-volatile public MAC address, but doesn't give any hints on how to do that. I looked through the Bluetooth documentation ( as much as I can but I'm not having much luck finding anything. Is there a standard way to set a non-volatile, default public MAC address?

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