What end user can't do if have only NET & APP key for #BluetoothMesh n/w ? #bluetoothmesh

vikrant8051 <vikrant8051@...>


1) a company don't wanna go with any cloud service to store & upgrade #BluetoothMesh .json file for his products.

2) And no #OOB authentication during provisioning

3) On other side, user provisioned many NODEs using a Provisioner App where NET & APP Key get created using his credentials which he/she can't forget in any case.  (No random keys)

In this case, even App get uninstall or smartphone get damage, user can reinstall App & add his known credentials to generate NET & APP key

So my question is, what user can do or can't do if he has only NET & APP key of his Mesh Network ?

Device key gonna random & different for every NODE.

Can he/she re-create entire .json file as it is by connecting with one by one NODE using only NET & APP Key ? Is it possible to connect with only one NODE & fetch data of all NODEs in vicinity ?

Excuse me, if it is heavily wrong concept.

Thank You !!

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