Unable to set Static Address on nRF52 using Zephyr v1.11.0

Gurpreet Singh <gurpreet@...>

I've been chugging along nicely with Zephyr v1.11.0 and the nRF52DK so far, being able to get it to scan and advertise using the hci_uart sample code and my Linux (ubuntu) computer. 
My linux is on BlueZ 5.48 and kernel ​4.15.0-22. This setup is just to get the ball rolling until we get sample boards from our manufacturer. 

I have run into an issue where setting the address on the chip is being rejected. 
I came across this post in the forum, but have been unable to find any clean resolution for it. 
For advertisements, you can see the all zero source mac address in the attached PCAP. 
Interestingly, the same error persists even when following the blog post on how to use the BLE controller with linux's BlueZ. (Step 5 in particular) ​
--- btmgmt
[hci1]# static-addr FF:02:03:04:05:FF
Set static address failed with status 0x0b (Rejected)

--- btmon
@ MGMT Command: Set Static Address (0x002b) plen 6 {0x0004} [hci1] 9585.454699
Address: FF:02:03:04:05:FF (Static)
@ MGMT Event: Command Status (0x0002) plen 3 {0x0004} [hci1] 9585.454706
Set Static Address (0x002b)
Status: Rejected (0x0b)

To bring up the chip, I ran:
~ 11:49:30>sudo btattach -B /dev/ttyACM0 -S 1000000 -P h4
Attaching Primary controller to /dev/ttyACM0
Switched line discipline from 0 to 15
Device index 1 attached
The btmon log after this is in the attached txt file. 
Do you have any tips or suggestions on what I could do? 
Essentially, I would like to be able to program the BLE chip with a MAC address that uses the Mist OUI. 
Thanks in advance,

Gurpreet Singh
Member of Technical Staff
Mist Systems

e:gurpreet@...   w:  www.mist.com
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