Re: Question about ipv6 context binding (returning NULL)

Paul Sokolovsky

On Fri, 30 Jun 2017 10:06:23 -0300
Flavio Arieta <> wrote:


I'm making a application to send IPv6 using UDP but got stuck when
trying to assing a socket to a local address using net_context_bind().

I followed the /samples/net/echo_client/src/echo-client.c as a
example, but it seems that when it reaches net_if_ipv6_addr_lookup()
both __net_if_start and __net_if_end are equal, so the function
returns NULL.
That means that you don't have network interfaces (i.e. network
hardware) configured, so network communication wouldn't work anyway.


Am I missing something with my network interfaces or even on my
Right, network interfaces are configured in prj.conf.


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