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Marti Bolivar

Hi Jim, and welcome.

On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 10:06 PM, Jim Schmidt <JimS14@...> wrote:

Hi all,


I’m getting started with first build of Zephyr on my Mac. I don’t get very far – after clone there are the following instructions:


Build Kconfig in $ZEPHYR_BASE/build and add it to path


mkdir build && cd build

cmake $ZEPHYR_BASE/scripts



After a clone, $ZEPHYR_BASE/scripts does not contain a CMakeLists.txt file, and the cmake command fails.


Instructions are here:


Looking at the URL, those are instructions for the v1.11 release of Zephyr, which did indeed have some host tools in the scripts directory that needed to be compiled.

As a guess, are you trying to use the latest master branch of Zephyr instead of v1.11? If so, the host tools in the scripts directory have been replaced with versions written in Python, so there is no need to compile them anymore. You can follow up to date instructions here if that's your situation:


Any hints?



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