Re: [Zephyr-devel] #BluetoothMesh Lighting Model implementation #bluetoothmesh

Aaron Xu <overheat1984@...>


MyNewt's is a good start point. But looks need more work to make zephyr bluetooth mesh be used in light.
I am looking forward it. In the mean time, I can start sensor model coding on zephyr when the 1.12 released.


vikrant8051 <vikrant8051@...> 于2018年6月7日周四 上午2:08写道:

Hi Johan, 

Mynewt's lighting model app is very simple & basic, if compare it with diagram on page 296 of model specs. And it is not what I'm expecting.

Hello Bluetooth_SIG members,

Is Bluetooth_SIG going to maintain this complicated architecture in Spec 2.0  Or there will be something easy on the way ?

Thank You!!

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 8:25 PM Johan Hedberg <johan.hedberg@...> wrote:
Hi Vikrant,

On Wed, Jun 06, 2018, vikrant8051 wrote:
> is there any one who tried to implement Lighting Models (page 296 of
> Mesh_Model_Specification v1.0.pdf) using Zephyt #BluetoothMesh API ?
> I want to control three things -> Light On Off, Light Lightness
> (intensity), Light CTL (cool to warm white) using single message. This is
> possible only with Lighting Models.
> Also want to build remote using #nRF52840_PDK which support Lighting Client
> Models.
> FYI, this is Mynewt implementation,

MyNewt's Bluetooth Mesh is essentially the same as Zephyr's mesh, since
it was ported from Zephyr. Most likely you can take any model
implementation from there and use it directly (or with minor changes)
with Zephyr. In fact, I'd welcome if someone wants to port any missing
mesh models from the MyNewt tree to Zephyr.


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