Re: Using shell with RTT console on nRF52840 DK

Michael Rosen



Unfortunately, as RTT is just buffers in memory, there is no good way I can think of except to have a low priority background thread which polls the input channel using GetKey() and yields if negative (basically what WaitKey() does but with a yield). It might be a good idea to create an issue on github to track this request if you haven’t already.




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Hi Rodrgo,


Krzysztof (on copy) is working on RTT and logging as well.


There’s this PR from him under review at the moment:






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I was taking a look at the uart_console and I couldn't any straight solution for RTT.

Uart has a device driver that enables us to use an ISR approach which is cool. There is no device driver for the SEGGER (at least, I could not find it), so the only thing I have in mind right now is to make a polling on the SEGGER_RTT_HasData function to see if there is data to be read from the host, if so write it to the input hook. For me, it seems to be a not so good solution. What do you think? Any other idea?



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