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Yannis Damigos

Hi Max,

On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 12:45 PM, massimiliano cialdi
<massimiliano.cialdi@...> wrote:
As explained here
I have ceated a directory My-app and the src

-- <baseDir> |-- My-app
| |-- src |-- zephyr |-- dts : If I have to write devicetree files to
support my board can I add a subdirectory in My-app? -- <baseDir> |-- My-app
| |-- src | |-- dts |-- zephyr |-- dts :
Or do I have to work in <baseDir>/zephyr/dts?
Currently, there is no support for out-of-tree board definitions (see
If you want to add support for your board in the Zephyr, you need to
add your board's definition files under boards/<arch> folder and
board's dts file under dts/<arch> folder.

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