Bluetooth mesh provisionning got stuck #bluetoothmesh #nrf52840

Rodrigo Peixoto

Hi guys.

Board: nrf52840_pca10056
Zephyr version: 1.12.0

I am trying to add the mesh feature to my project. I am using a nrf52840_10056pca board, and I'm adding the samples/bluetooth/mesh code to project. 

In this project I have running console shell, mcumgr, PWM, SAADC, thermometer, Bluetooth mesh. Everything is compiling and is working properly. But I am getting stuck when I try to provision the device to enter to the Bluetooth mesh network.

The log for the provision when I press the button provision on the Nordic Mesh app for iOS:

    [bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_pb_gatt_open: (0x200026fc) conn 0x2000085c
    [bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_pb_gatt_recv: (0x200026fc) 2 bytes: 0000
    [bt] [DBG] prov_invite: (0x200026fc) Attention Duration: 0 seconds
    [bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_pb_gatt_recv: (0x200026fc) 6 bytes: 020000020304
    [bt] [DBG] prov_start: (0x200026fc) Algorithm:   0x00
    [bt] [DBG] prov_start: (0x200026fc) Public Key:  0x00
    [bt] [DBG] prov_start: (0x200026fc) Auth Method: 0x02
    [bt] [DBG] prov_start: (0x200026fc) Auth Action: 0x03
    [bt] [DBG] prov_start: (0x200026fc) Auth Size:   0x04
    [BLUETOOTH] [DBG] output_number: OOB Number: 1224  <-- this line is printed by my code
    [bt] [DBG] bt_mesh_pb_gatt_recv: (0x200026fc) 65 bytes: 03d5287e2bd8d07a6b5346d103737dbbf8085f008e13e5586ebc453dcab8fc66d3bf5830f6e6e9935dc175d679bbe2cf2d1d356d83fe560e750a742c179803c9
    [bt] [DBG] prov_pub_key: (0x200026fc) Remote Public Key: d5287e2bd8d07a6b5346d103737dbbf8085f008e13e5586ebc453dcab8fc66d3bf5830f6e6e9935dc175d679bbe2cf2d1d356d83fe560e750a742c179803c990
    [bt] [DBG] prov_clear_tx: (0x200026fc) 
    [bt] [WRN] prov_pub_key: Waiting for local public key

It stops right here...

Any clue on that? I have no idea what to do. When I run the sample separately it is being provisioned. I have already removed the OTA, and other features but nothing seems to fix that.

I hope you can help me.

Best regards,
Rodrigo Peixoto
Co-founder and Technical advisor

+55 (82) 98144-8585 | Skype: rodrigopex

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